There is an interesting Twitter War between former Republican Party Deputy Chair Michael Brodkorb aka and Republican Lt Governor candidate Matt Birk aka playing out on social media. Brodkorb, who used to be the anonymous person behind Minnesota Democrats Exposed, who even has given credit to MN’s first digital political publication Checks & Balances, for inspiration for the blog, and the former MN Viking’s Center, who we have dubbed the Center of Controversy, but actually might be better if referred to as Mr Offensive, are flaming each other on the platform.

Birk who claims not to know Brodkorb, Googled him, and left a scathing assessment to which others including Congressman Dean Phillips (D-MN03), who Brodkorb logrolled against at the Lumberjack exhibit at the State Fair, has even come to his aid.

The two appear to have a lot to offer and since sardonic wit is one of Brodkorb’s telltales we’ll enjoy watching this play out. Since Birk is a Harvard Graduate, he might want to adopt more of a Harvard Lampoon posture.