Minnesota Report

House Speaker Melissa Hortman (DFL-34B, Brooklyn Park) and Senate President Bobby Jo Champion (DFL-59, Minneapolis) will gavel in the two most diverse chambers in our state’s history.

37.81% of the members of both bodies are women, with 52 of the 134 members in the House or 38.80% and 19 of the 67 in the Senate or 28,36% being women. Both chambers are led by women and the House Minority is led by the first woman of color in Rep Lisa Demuth (R-13A, Cold Spring).

23 of the House members self-identifying as persons of color or 11.44% and this is also very diverse with Black, Biracial, Native American, Hispanic-American, Puerto Rican-American, Hmong, and Somali-American as the identification.

The diversity in the Senate is 12 members in the same identification groups or 17.91%.

In light of the 2020 US Census data 38.4% of our state’s population identifies as non-white.

This demographic information is available from the Legislative Reference Library.