Minnesota Report

As people are watching the Conference Committee on S.F. 970 – Omnibus judiciary and public safety finance and policy bill they are seeing a process of going through the motions. It doesn’t make good television and is a series of talking heads many saying important things but the two sides are merely two ship passing each other in the dark of night where neither has its lights on and hopefully they don’t crash.

We except nothing of substance to result from this conference, but there is actual reform that does take place and in spite of Sen Warren Limmer (R-34, Maple Grove) protestations it occurs on the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training and is best shown from the words of Executive Director Erik Misselt. On the Board website the What’s New information spells it out clearly the progress being made. https://dps.mn.gov/entity/post/Pages/default.aspx

For those seeking justice for George Floyd, Duante Wright and Philando Castille. Change is coming.