National Report

If we learned anything from Donald J Trump (R) it is the value of hyperbole and overselling. This is why we have been left with the Big Lie, and the stamp of his Presidency and its greasy stain. If President Joe Biden (D) wants to save his Build Back Better Plan, then he needs to serve it up is small bites.

With Sens Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Krysten Sinema (D-AZ) as the two obstacles for passage as we have said before the bill must be a Christmas Tree Bill and they should be asked what they will support for inclusion into the bill, as we had said in our article entitled The Iron Range’s Similarity with West Virginia.

After the vote, on Voting Rights legislation failed, in spite of being voted for it by the Democratic Majority, but the important vote to lower the threshold for the Filibuster did not, the impact was felt by Sinema when Arizona Democrat Party voted to Censure her.

The ability to advance the Biden Agenda in pieces, which could be done under a rubric of the Build Back Better Plan in stages, and those stages would be what can be agreed to by all Democrats.

For example, Manchin has said he would support the Child Care Tax Credit, with a 10-year extension, but requires it to be Means Tested, why wouldn’t other Democrats support this, ensuring the program only support those who truly need it? Isn’t the issue more important than the politics, especially since Democrats didn’t get credit for passage in the first place? As we have argued before people really don’t appreciate something until its gone, and now that it is a restoration will be solely in the hands of the Democratic Majority.

Seems like a logical strategy to us.