Minnesota Report


HD3A: Challenger Roger Skraba (R-03A, Ely) defeated incumbent Rep Rob Ecklund (DFL-03A, International Falls) a difference of 15 votes. The results were 10,868 or 49.98% to 10,853 to 49.91%. There were 22 write-in votes, and this race will be an automatic recount.

HD3B: Challenger Natalie Zeleznikar defeated incumbent Rep Mary Murphy 10,812 or 50.01% to 10,777 or 49.85% by 35 votes. There were 31 write-in votes, and this race will also be an automatic recount.

HD7A: In a head-to-head match-up between two incumbents Rep Spencer Igo (R-07A, Grand Rapids) prevailed over Rep Julie Sandstede (DFL-07A, Hibbing) 10,342 or 53.75% to 8,887 or 46.19%.

HD7B:  Rep David Lislegard (52%) overcame Republican Matt Norri (48%) 10,178 or 51.09% to 9,711 or 48.75%. Lislegard retains the lone Iron Range seat for the DFL.

HD11A: (open seat): Jeff Dotseth (R-11A, Kettle River) Pete Radosevich (DFL-11A, Esko) 9,510 or 51.16% to 9,056 or 48.71%

HD14B:  Incumbent Rep Dan Wolgamott (DFL-14B, St Cloud) wins over Republican Aaron Henning (R-14B, St Cloud) 7,112 or 48.14% to 7,652 or 51.80%.

HD18A: Former Rep Jeff Brand (DFL-18A, St Peter) returns to St Paul after scoring a close win over Rep Susan Akland (R-18A, St Peter) 9,119 to 48.84% to 9,530 to 51.04%.

HD23B: Incumbent Rep Patricia Mueller (R-23B, Austin) wins over DFLer Thomas Stiehm (DFL-23B, Austin) 8,336 or 55.02% to 6,786 to 44.79%.

HD32B: DFLer Matt Norris (DFL-32B, Blaine) wins over incumbent Rep Donald Raleigh (R-32B, Circle Pines).

HD33A (open seat): Former State Auditor Pat (Awada) Anderson (R-33A, Dellwood) defeated Hanna Valento (DFL-33A, Forest Lake) 11,695 or 55.41% to 9,404 or 44.55%.

HD33B (open seat): Josiah Hill (DFL-33B, Stillwater) wins over Republican Mark Bishofsky (R-33B, Stillwater) 12,074 or 53.94% to 10,277 or 45.91%.

HD35A: In an incumbent face-off Rep Zack Stephenson (DFL-35A, Coon Rapids) wins over Rep John Heinrich (R-35A, Anoka) 9,043 or 52.44% to 8,187 or 47.47%

HD36A (open seat): Elliott Engen (R-36A, Lino Lakes) wins over DFLer Susie Strom (DFL-36A, North Oaks) 11,705 or 51.39% to 11,063 or 48.57%.

HD36B (open seat)DFLer Brion Curran (DFL-36B, Vadnais Heights) wins over Republican Heidi Gunderson (R-36B, Vadnais Heights) 11,337 or 53.48% to 9,833 or 46.38%

HD37A: Incumbent Rep Kristin Robbins (R-37A, Maple Grove) wins over DFLer Caitlin Cahill (DFL-37A, Long Lake) 12,637 or 56.11% to 9,872 or 43.83%

HD37B: Incumbent Rep Kristin Bahner (DFL-37B, Osseo) wins over Republican John Bristol (R-37B, Maple Grove) 12,293 or 55.61% to 9,802 or 44.34%.

HD41B (open seat):  Shane Hudella (R-41B, Hastings) wins over Tina Folch (DFL-41B, Hastings) 9,783 or 51.05% to 9,365 or 48.87%.

HD45A (open seat):  Andrew Myers (R-45A Excelsior), wins over DFLer Lauren Bresnahan (DFL-45A, Crystal Bay) 12,830 or 53.03% to 1,356 to 46.94%.

HD47B (open seat):  Ethan Cha (DFL-47B, Woodbury) wins over former Rep Kelly Fenton (DFL-47B, Woodbury) 10,627 or 53.13% to 9,362 or 46.81%.

HD48B: Lucy Rehm (DFL-48B, Chanhassen) wins over incumbent Rep Greg Boe (R-48B, Chaska) 10,632 or 50.97% to 10,215 or 48.97%.

HD54A: Former Rep. Brad Tabke (DFL-54A, Shakopee) wins over incumbent Rep Erik Mortensen (R-54A, Shakopee) the standard bearer for Action 4 Liberty, 8,243 or 51.78% to 6,923 or 43.49%. There was no impact of the 3rd Party candidate this election.

HD57B (open seat)Republican Jeff Witte (R-57B, Lakeville) wins over DFLer Erin Preese (DFL-57B, Lakeville) 10,466 or 51.61% to 9,790 or 48.28%


SD3 (open seat)DFLer Grant Hauschild (DFL-03, Hermantown) wins over Republican Andrea Zupancich (R-03, Babbit) 22,053 or 50.77% to 21,349 or 49.15%.

SD4 (open seat)DFLer Rob Kupec (DFL-04, Moorhead) wins over Republican Dan Bohmer (R-04, Moorhead) 15,929 or 52.49% to 14,202 or 46.80%.

SD7 (open seat)Republican Robert Farnsworth (R-07, Hibbing) wins over DFLer Ben DeNucci (DFL-07, Nashwauk) 20,800 or 53.06% to 18,056 or 46.06%.

SD14: Incumbent Sen Aric Putnam (DFL-14, St Cloud) wins over Rep Tama Theis (R-14, St Cloud) 15,350 or 52.29% to 13,969 or 47.58% .

SD32 (open seat): Michael Kreun (R-32, Blaine) wins over Kate Luthner (DFL-32, Columbus) 19,684 or 52.95% to 17,459 or 46.96%.

SD34: Incumbent Sen John Hoffman (DFL-34, Champlin) wins over Karen Attia (R-34, Champlin) 20,925 or 54.87% to 17,181 or 45.05%.

SD35: Incumbent Sen Jim Abeler (R-35, Anoka) wins over DFLer Kari Rehrauer (DFL-35, Coon Rapids) 17,300 to 50.22% to 17,114 to 49.68%.

SD36: DFLer Heather Gustafson (DFL-36, White Bear Lake) wins over incumbent Sen Roger Chamberlain (R-36, White Bear Lake) 23,348 or 52.81% to 20,838 or 47.13%.

SD41 (open seat)DFLer Judy Seeberger (50.4%) wins over Republican Tom Dippel (49.6%) 21,536or 50.33% to 21,215 or 49.58%.

SD45:  Rep Kelly Morrison (DFL-45, Wayzata) moves to the Senate with a win over Kathleen Fowke (R-45, Tonka Bay) 27,222 or 56.27% to 21,128 to 43.67%.

SD48: Incumbent Sen Julia Coleman (R-48, Chanhassen)) wins over Dan Kessler (DFL-48, Chaska) 23,306 or 54.34% to 19,564 to 45.61%.

SD55:  Sen Lindsey Port (DFL-55, Burnsville) wins over former Rep Pam Myhra (R-55, Burnsville) 18,996 or 55.30% to 15,316 to 44.59%

SD58 (open seat) Bill Lieske (R-58, Lonsdale) wins over Clarice Grabau (DFL-58, Northfield) 21,125 or 52.79% to 18,854 or 47.11%.