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One of the reasons certain voters, read Trump supporters, are legitimate is their distrust of the news media, is because of the polls they continue to report. The reason news organizations do polling is to manufacture a story or a series of stories about the poll they did. The problems with polling have been evident since the advent of cellphones and also because of the distrust of media, by Trump voters, they participate in polls to a lesser extend and we don’t doubt why they do the follow Donald J Trump (R) and lie in their response so they can create a self-fulfilling prophesy when the polling comes out and doesn’t square with election results.

Today, there is a column in the New York Times that takes this issue full on and is worth a read Nate Cohn Explains What the Polls Got Wrong. To those of us in the political sphere these answers are logical and somewhat obvious, but like Trump voters it always go to have a news source that reinforces your own opinion.