National Report

Much has been discussed about the devolution into tribalism in the American Electorate. In 2003, was born and it was an attempt to gather together likeminded people with similar interests. This form of tribalism in the social media realm was seen as an alternative to mainstream culture. It was initially embraced by people seeking alternative lifestyles to seek a social community.

The rise of like-minded communities was not exclusive to those on the left, but also the rise in extremist factions, hate groups, and the Tea Party occurred on the right. These communities also have embraced Donald J Trump (R) because of his appeals to white nationalism, isolationism, and factionalism. Trump’s political factionalism is an appeal to rightwing authoritarianism is based on not white unites us universally, but rather on what separates us specifically.

The use of demagoguery and hyperbole is tactically useful with a population that is not intellectually curious and only seeks to identify with sources that reinforce one’s own opinion. The comfort found in one’s own tribe is a blatant example of xenophobia. The fear of others, or what you don’t know is common among the gathering throng.

The great fear seen in the larger society is the power of this group is waxing and not waning, but the truth is because a large part of the faction is made up of angry white males it is in decline strictly due to mortality.

The final judgment is Trump’s Tribe is in decline and though not likely to become extinct anytime soon, it will grow smaller over time and once it leader is no longer to the focal point of the cult of personality.