Minnesota Report

There is little the Senate Republican Caucus can do in divided government to restrict the Executive Branch, but once again they are preparing to dismantle the Governor Tim Walz (D-MN) administration one person at a time by voting not to confirm his appointments to the various state departments and commissions as they did last week with Labor and Industry Commissioner Nancy Leppink. This is purely a bold-face partisan tactic and a tantrum for not getting their way. This also will become a rallying cry across the state for rejecting the Republican majority in November’s election for being petty and childish.

Here are the next three on the chopping block.

TODAY- Tuesday, Aug 18 @ 1 pm: 

Energy and Utilities Committee: Consider the confirmation of Joe Sullivan to the Public Utilities Commission

Friday, Aug 21 @ 9 am: 

Joint Hearing: Commerce Committee, Energy and Utilities Committee: Consider the confirmation of Steve Kelley as the Commissioner of Commerce

Monday, Aug. 31 @ 10 am

Joint Hearing: Environment and Natural Resources Finance and Policy Committees: Reviewing the job performance of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Commissioner Laura Bishop