Minnesota Report

We spoke with Concordia College-St Paul Professor Bruce Corrie about the Redistricting Plan that carries his name. We referred to this plan like a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) at the United Nations, because their principles were not tied to any existing states.

Corrie used tot have a seat on the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Advisory Committee to President Neel Kashkari. During our conversation, we learned of his distinct terminology. Rather then BIPOC, he calls immigrant communities ALANA-African-American and otherwise, Latin, Asian and Native American. Also, when discussing the economic impact of these communities as Ethnic Economic Zones.

The numbers being a general impact of all ethnic groups economically as $1.4 trillion. The component parts of this figure being the physical assets a community holds and the increase that can result from increased levels of education for the cohort. In respect to the political alignments, in each of 125 of the 201 current legislative district the direct impact $100 million annual, and if the Corrie legislative map were adopted 138.

His basic point is political districts that reflect a greater emphasis on these communities will serve tot foster more attention, investment and benefit to the state’s overall economy and should be cultivated.

Now, as per the newly proposed Congressional District Map, we discuss above, he hasn’t seen it, but we expect when we publish this he will, and await his comments.