National & Minnesota Report

On Saturday, the delegates to the 7th Congressional District endorsing convention collectively chose to deny 2nd term incumbent Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach (R-MN07) their endorsement for reelection. Instead they tacitly chose to deny her the requisite 60% and in turn provided a function minority is support of Steve Boyd, a candidate who self-describes as a “grassroots America First conservative.”

Fischbach, by all accounts, whose conservative credentials are firmly intact both fiscally and socially throughout her political career. She is married to the Executive Director of the MCCL, (Minnesotan’s Concerned for Life) and in the late 1990’s facilitated by then Senate GOP Communications Director Brian McClung, the Ax the Car Tax Campaign, broadly advertised here on Checks & Balances.

If Fischbach is not conservative enough for the party activists in her own district, then maybe, just maybe, the impact of the nitrate filled aquifers across the district, which were caused by the petrol-chemical fertilizers spread on the corn, soybeans and sugar beets across the 7th are having a serious impact.

Since, Fischbach has been endorsed by the loser Donald J Trump (R) in her reelection campaign, it’s clearly not the cultists who are behaving badly.