Minnesota Report

In his announcement to increase state spending in specific areas Governor Tim Walz (D) accounted for $226 million in additional spending. The list of changes is widely varied and for its full explanation required a 39-page document. 2024 Governor’s Supplemental Budget Recommendations-All Funds by Agency.

The notable features are $45 million added to the Child Tax Credit, which helps prevent an incurred tax at the end of the program. There is $16 million for Emergency Medical Services in Greater Minnesota, and money to clean up the nitrate problem, which we will argue is self-created from the use of petrochemical fertilizers in southern Minnesota.

Politically, these expenditures for communities outside of the seven-county metropolitan area, may help alleviate, the droning chorus voices saying all of the state money is spend in the Twin Cities, but it doubtful, the Republican hymnal will change substantially.