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As Minnesota’s first digital political publication, we have carried opinion from outside voices throughout our history dating back to 1995. Here is a submission on an issue which is currently under attack in across the nation in various Republican controlled legislatures and a call for Congress to act.

Dear Checks & Balances Editor,

Throughout the last year, Democrats have consistently returned to one talking point – the passing of voting rights legislation to protect our democracy. While voters have waited to see significant movement on the bill for months, we are once again seeing the legislation stall in Congress.

Despite the calls to action, national speeches, and flurry of social media posts, without a unified front in our nation’s capital, this legislation will continue to fall victim to the distracted policymaking that consistently plagues Washington. If the party truly saw this legislation as the unifying issue, it is, then we wouldn’t have elected officials splintering off to draft distracting legislation.

While leadership frequently tout their role in pushing voting rights, many of those same leaders also driving conversations on legislation that pulls away both national and party attention from the issue. The recent crusade to promote tech regulation is a perfect example. The time that is being used to debate restrictions on technology companies would be much better used working towards the collective goal of the party – finally passing voting rights.

If Democrats have any hope for passing their priority legislation, they need to buckle down and redirect their energy towards those key issue areas. Voting rights legislation was never going to be easily achieved, but it can come to fruition if the Democrats get rid of their distractions and stay focused on the most important legislation on the table today.

Brett Buckner