Minnesota Report

Focus: Minneapolis

With an eye on Minneapolis and its municipal elections, we thought a view of the early turnout numbers compared to 2017 worth visiting. In 2017, 105,928 voters cast ballots from the 259,060 registered voters, with 9,762 registering at the poll or through mailed in registration. Of those, 11.975 or 11.3% were Absentee Ballots. Now, this occurred before we had No Excuse Absentee Voting.

So far, as of yesterday, 3,422 people have either voted by mail, absentee, or voted early, which is 28.57% of the final total in 2017.

The three wards receiving the greatest amount of early activity are Wards 3 (Steve Fletcher-DFL), (Jamal Osman-DFL) 6 and (Lisa Goodman-DFL) 7.

It appears are not aggressively voting early this election.