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President Joe Biden (D) has summoned the Railroad Executives and union leadership to come to Washington DC to forgo a potential strike set for Friday. If this were to occur the impact on the supply chain and the economy will be felt across the nation. Thirty percent of the nation’s rail infrastructure would be affected.

Biden’s intercession could help avert the strike, and shows the significance this walkout could have, which in turn, occurs at a very bad time, with the mid-term elections less than 60-days away. If Biden succeeds it would be another example of the dramatic impact of his administration.

The two sides are facing the strike after the thirty-day cooldown period. The freight railroad companies and their respective unions representing workers are locked in a dispute over pay and working conditions, as of Friday, the conflict could spill over into a logistical crisis. There are broad implications for east coast commuters who are dependent on the railway, just as did Biden when he was a US Senator, who used Amtrak to get to work.

The lead for the administration is Labor Secretary Marty Walsh as the Biden administration tries to help avoid a freight rail strike that could cause major disruptions, but also shows how workers have been gaining more political leverage. The two unions at the forefront are-Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen and SMART Transportation Division – each is expected to send their union heads to the meet with Walsh.

The meeting comes with just days before the federally mandated cooling off period expires and the strike could commence. This will be a significant test for the Biden Administration, which styles itself as one of the most pro-labor administrations in decades but also seeks to prevent any additional adverse economic pressures.

There are approximately 60,000 union members working for railroads, who are prepared to strike after midnight on Friday. These the two-man crews of include the engineers and conductors who make up the full crew on each train. There are an addition of other forty-five thousand other workers belong to other unions that have already reached tentative deals with the railroads, but a strike action by engineers and conductors would bring the freight rail system to a standstill.

Such a work stoppage, would have massive impact across the nations supply chain and in addition to nation’s passenger rail system. An analysis shows,30% of the nation’s freight moves by rail, effecting many segments of the economy from oil and gas, food, consumer goods and cars and trucks could see steep price increases or just become scarcer. Amtrak has announced an effect on its service is also warning of huge effects to its service due to suspension of rail maintenance. Cancellation of service has already occurred one its long-haul routes nationwide.

Officials have grown increasingly concerned about a shutdown, and the White House has There are implications in many sectors from Transportation to Emergency Management.