National Politics

The religious statement one often hears when someone thought to be a religious person is found to have committed some transgression of the law, is “Love the sinner, but not the sin.” This seems to be a constant task for Republicans regarding Donald J Trump (R) because in many instances they love his judicial appointments, tax cuts, environmental policies and the current state of the economy.

The problem is whether or not he has abused his office to the point where he has broken the law or violated the tent of the US Constitution. His hubris and narcissism are unmatched along with his tone deftness to anything except whatever narrative he scripts for himself and others. The mounting number of lies told on a daily basis is staggering and not expected to abate, and his supporters turn a blind eye to these realities because they like the outcomes.

As we enter into the fifth day of the Impeachment Trial of Donald John Trump, 45th President of the United States, we witness the indelible mark of him being the 3rd President in the history of our country to be impeached. This stain will never be removed even if, as is expected he is acquitted by the US Senate.

The Senators who stand in judgment appear to be standing firmly in party line and the twenty Republicans Senators standing for reelection are all faced with many competing issues. So far, the White House defense team is positioning the question, not based on facts, but rather blatant partisanship. Their appeals do not address the merits of the case at hand, rather they challenge process and decry this as an attempt to overturn the 2016 election.

Today, in a New York Times article entitled John Bolton’s Account Upends Trump’s Denials, but Will It Upend Trump?, excerpts from the manuscript of his forthcoming book, Bolton confirms Trump did condition aid on support for an investigation into his political rival, former Vice-President Joe Biden (D).

Bolton’s Book seems to filet the argument being mounted by the White House defense team, and he is far harder to refute. The ability to forgo witnesses and documents is the hill Republicans will need to decide to defend. The expected continual release of information will be what their vote will be based on. If these Senators are more concerned with their own reelection, than with the public learning the full truth of the matter then voters in Arizona (Marth McSally), Colorado (Cory Gardner), Kentucky (Mitch McConnell), Maine (Susan Collins), South Carolina (Lindsey Graham) and Texas (John Cornyn) will have something significant to consider, what is more, important protection of your majority in the Senate or the United States of America’s integrity.