Minnesota Report

With the heightened focus on the partisan nature of the 2023 legislature and recognition of this fact in recent legislative sessions, we thought a direct look at the legislation passed and signed into law, to be warranted. Here is a breakdown of the first eight bills of which all that were presented to Governor Tim Walz (DFL-MN) were signed into law.

With two exceptions, 50% of the bills passed on straight party-line votes.

Bill # Subject House Vote Senate Vote Governor Signed Partisan Actions & Exception(s)
SF0040 Iron ore mining unemployment benefits 127-7 56-10 1/25/2023 Bipartisan vote(s) in both bodies
HF0037 Minnesota Human Rights Act race definition 111-19 45-19 1/31/2023 Bipartisan vote(s) in both bodies
SF0033 Attorney General funding 73-55 35-32 2/7/2023 Sen Jim Abeler (R-35, Anoka)
HF0031 Federal Tax Conformity 132-0 34-33 1/12/2023 Straight party-line vote in Senate
HF0026 Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act 134-0 65-0 2/7/2023 Bipartisan vote(s) in both bodies
SF0013 Juneteenth state holiday 126-1 57-8 2/3/2023 Bipartisan vote(s) in both bodies
HF0007 Electric utility renewable energy standard 70-60 34-33 2/7/2023 Straight party-line vote(s) in House and Senate
HF0001 Right to reproductive health (Codifying Roe v Wade) 69-65 34-33 1/31/2023 Rep Gene Pelowski (DFL-26A, Winona)