Minnesota Report

We plan on providing you a general feeling index of what is happening in the halls of the State Capitol. This will be our aggregate assessment of progress and reconciliation between the House DFL Majority, the Republican Senate Majority and Governor Tim Walz (DFL-MN).

Now, this will be somewhat subjective, because we will not be intimates with the conversations between the three sides, but as you dear readers know, we bring forward information that other news sources never provide, which is because Checks & Balances has been covering the Minnesota political scene since 1995. We tell you how it is and why it is rather than the old, tired and dusty method of who, where and when.

Our experience provides insight, our well-established relationships provide credible information and sometime our sources are even willing to go on the record. As the longest serving digital political resource we stand ready to provide information for you to discern what is really happening in St Paul.

Now, we will confess, we have suffered through COVID just like you and when our sources are not able to be accessed other than through a Zoom meeting our quality of coverage has suffered, but those times have changed and when the House Office Building opens up on March 21st, we will be back to almost normal.

So, stay tuned, and feel free to send us an email every once in awhile to ask a question or provide a lead on some information.