Minnesota Report

St Paul Ward 7 candidate Alexander Bourne, yes, he is the same guy who ran in Ward 6 last election, receiving a pittance of 276 or 4.84%, and is once again going nowhere today, has thrown down the gauntlet with incumbent Senator Foung Hawj (DFL-67, St Paul). Bourne has said to us he will challenge any candidate endorsed by Hawj at any level and the response from Senator Foung is “Bring it on.”

The two had an altercation when Bourne and a group of children carrying his sign attended a community hunting event sponsored by Hawj on November 1st, because this was not a political event Hawj, from the stage asked Bourne to leave.

This resulted in Bourne comparing Hawj to Adolph Hitler, which is totally inappropriate. In an attempt to sensationalize his lack of tact, we expect he will be receiving a notice from the Minnesota Jewish Federation as Checks & Balances did when we used the term “Goosestepping.”

During the current conflict in the Middle East weasel words are damaging and damning.

Besides Bourne’s credibility is suspect, he extorts support from people by playing the race card and does not pay his obligations. He still owes money to Publisher Shawn Towle who saved his ass last Thanksgiving feeding people for the holiday at Nanny’s Jamaican Kitchen which provided the venue for Towle to cook in, where he roasted over thirty birds and personally served over 200 plates, while Bourne politicked and did not lend a hand.