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Yesterday afternoon, Congresswoman Ihan Omar (D-05, Minneapolis) held a press event to announce her selections for Minneapolis Mayor. In some circles this could be seen as an edict from the Queen, as we understand, this was her moniker from her campaign staff when she was first campaigning. She declared her support, first for a former colleague, Kate Knuth (DFL), with whom she served with during her only term in the State House, and then for Shiela Nezhad (DFL), who if elected, will be the first openly gay Chief Executive of our state’s largest city. Her endorsement clearly states her preference and in what order initially in the text, then flips the names in the end to give the appearance of equal support.

The main point is the statement is pro-woman and anti-incumbent Jacob Frey (DFL).

Rep. Ilhan Omar Endorses Kate Knuth, Sheila Nezhad for Minneapolis Mayor

MINNEAPOLIS—Rep. Ilhan Omar announced her endorsement of Kate Knuth and Sheila Nezhad for Minneapolis Mayor. Minneapolis uses ranked-choice voting, which allows voters to vote for multiple candidates. She encouraged voters to rank both candidates and not rank any other candidates.

“Today, I am deeply, deeply proud to announce my endorsement of two incredible women candidates for Mayor of Minneapolis, Kate Knuth, and Shiela Nezhad,” Rep. Omar said.

“Kate Knuth has proven as a legislator and as an advocate that she is a fierce, progressive leader on climate, public safety, and housing. I’ve seen her work up close, and I know that Kate would be an excellent partner to me in the mayor’s office because of her commitment to justice, and her ability to bring people together and engage deeply with our community to drive progress. Kate’s holistic, public health-centered approach to public safety represents exactly the kind of change in direction Minneapolis so badly needs. I’m very excited to endorse Kate Knuth for Mayor.

“Sheila has been at the forefront of change in Minneapolis, from her successful policy work on policing alternatives to her time in the streets organizing for justice after the murder of Geroge Floyd. She’s spent years fighting and winning campaigns for deep and authentic policy change at City Hall and will use her experiences as an organizer and mixed-race woman to put community voices at the center of government as a steadfast leader for Minneapolis.

“Both women are passionate defenders of the working class and steadfast public servants. Both share my vision of a better Minneapolis. A Minneapolis where every person of every background, Black, Brown, Indigenous, and white, can afford a roof over their head, has an equal stake in local politics and feels safe when interacting with law enforcement.

“To get there we need a new mayor, one committed to taking concrete action to address the city’s deep and persistent racial disparities, to improve public safety and police accountability, and to meet the needs of all Minneapolis residents, especially those marginalized by the status quo.

“Rank Sheila and Kate. Let’s build this new Minneapolis together.”