National Report

When former Vice-President Joe Biden (D) and Donald J Trump (R) are set to debate and US Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Vice-President Mike Pence (R) have their respective debates. We envision two opportunities for Biden to unsettle Trump and Harris to rattle Pence. There will be three Presidential and one Vice-Presidential debates. Traditionally, there has been one where the Presidential candidates stand at podiums, a town hall forum, and sitting at a table.

When Biden is given an opportunity to level a question at Trump, he should preface it by saying. “You have made references to my competence and I will ask you about yours. Can you answer a question up here on this stage without repeating yourself?” We believe this will force Trump to become self-conscious and he will then need to pay closer attention to what he says rather than spout diatribes and just vomit from the mouth.

When Harris gets her shot, she should ask how Pence as a self-described Christian man, why he regularly defends the lies spouted daily from Trump’s mouth. We believe if these two opportunities occur it will give the American people the best information to make their own determinations.