Minnesota Report


The term is odd, Cash Bonding Bill actually is just an appropriation from the General Fund, but this is legislative parlance. We have had discussions with members of the Republican Senate Majority Caucus about the idea a $2-3 billion dollar Cash Bonding Bill. The number is somewhat elusive because of the funding is able to leverage federal dollars the actual benefit will increase.

We have not spoken with Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller (R-14, Winona) as of yet, but because this being an appropriation, it only requires a simple majority vote rather than a supper 60% majority. With a lower threshold, it is a far easier vote and one in which Miller could be pressured, to accept. This would be a significant change of events, because Miller said for the longest time there would not be any cash In the Bonding Bill.

We believe the possibility of a Special Session is only viable post the August 9th Primary Election, because of the five Primary contests in the five incumbent Senate districts we reference last week. If a Special Session is Possible, It Will Not Happen Until After the August 09 Primary, Because Too Many GOP Senate Incumbent Contests