Minnesota Report

A significant factor which is in play in the Republican Senate regarding a Special Session is the five Primary contests against Incumbents.

Senate District 05

Incumbent Sen Paul Utke (R-SD05, Park Rapids) v Dale A P Anderson and Bret Bussman

Senate District 13

Incumbent Sen. Jeff Howe (R-SD13, Rockville) v Ashley Burg

Senate District 15

Incumbent Gary Dahms (R-SD15, Redwood Falls) and Larvita McFarquhar

Senate District 23

Incumbent Gene Dornink (R-SD23, Hayfield) and Lisa Hanson

Senate District 54

Incumbent Eric Pratt (R-SD54, Prior Lake)) and Natalie Barnes (Endorsed)

Until these races are concluded and the other match-ups of Republicans for the nine open seats are resolved, there are too many unknow political factors for Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller (R-SD14, Winona) to navigate.

One of the reasons based on an organizational effort stemming from Iowa called Action 4 Liberty. This group has focused on ending Governor Tim Walz’ (DFL-MN) executive powers in 2021 trying to make him tyrannical, and this election they are targeting him, Congresswoman Angie Craig (D-MN02) and a number of legislative seats including the aforementioned races, where Barnes, Burg, Bussman, Hanson, McFarquhar and Nathan Wesenberg, who are challenging Incumbents all are A4L endorsed.  Along with Tom Dipple who is competing with Rep Tony Jurgens (R-54B, Cottage Grove for the open seat in Senate District 41.

The attack on Incumbents as RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only) is quite evident and can be seen here in A4L Score Card https://assets.nationbuilder.com/action4liberty/pages/44/attachments/original/1651254172/A4L-MN-Scorecard-2021-final.pdf?1651254172

This group is considered like the Tea Party on Steroids and will definitely define what the Republican Party looks like moving forward. Their message is strident and their approach is in your face. The fact the A4L exists, is giving traditional Republican groups pause because they also seem to be anti-business. In 2021, they gave Jeremy Miller a 7% rating and a Lifetime 15%. This is not a surprise since the average for a MN Senator is only 12% and Lifetime 20%.

With, these electoral challenges pending, we doubt there will be any movement toward compromise, unless these incumbents prevail, or even if they lose, they maybe so angry as to seek retribution and some level of compromise could ensue.