Minnesota Report

Ramsey County Commissioner Jim McDonough (DFL) announced on Facebook last week his decision not to seek reelection. Prior, to this announcement Mai Chong Xiong, Legislative Aide to St Paul City Council Member Dai Thao had announce her intention to run, but we are hearing a number of others names and many question Xiong’s capacity for the position.

Additional names include, Terri Thao (DFL), Candidate for Ward 6 City Council last election and was endorsed by McDonough, Chris Crutchfield (DFL) an attorney, currently the Deputy Director of Community Relations for Ramsey County Community Corrections, who if he were to be elected would need to leave his position and take a sizable pay reduction, and State Senator Foung Hawj (DFL-67, St Paul) who is in his third term of office.

We expect more names to follow.