National and Minnesota Report

President Joe Biden’s (D) Executive Order on Promoting Access to Voting is a direct response to what is happening across the nation as Republican controlled legislative bodies work to suppress future electoral opportunities for traditionally disenfranchised voting populations. If you read the rationale for the order you will see the clear intent. Early, Voting, Mailed Ballots, Longer Voting Hours, increased Voting Locations in Minority Communities, Easy Voter Registration, Motor Voting and alike are all under attack by those who feel the encroachment on the voting rights of the emerging minority voting bloc, Caucasians.

To those in states that are making these changes, it is about power not fairness and it’s their established power they are trying to protect. The purging of voter rolls, restrictions of access, closing of polling locations in minority communities are all voter suppression/restrictions and just modern Jim Crow tactics.

When the assumption is something is wrong, when it’s never proven and laws are proposed to prevent this fictious occurrence something is telling. The assumption if a person doesn’t have a Photo ID begs the question, is the person voting or is it the ID who votes. Giving people the benefit of the doubt that they are legal voters is a civic-minded thought and believing they are suspect is a devolution of our collective sense of goodness, the better judgement of people and community.

Legislators who propose such, often don’t live in the communities they seek enforcement, but rather in a rural or suburban community. They are trying to ensure those areas with high minority populations have higher levels of scrutiny and obstacles to overcome in order to obstruct or prevent those communities from exercising their franchise.

On a political note the institution of a limit on changes in voting procedures and following redirecting will likely show more favorability to Democratic efforts, because when more people vote Democrats often prevail.