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Start of the 2024 Presidential Campaign

Today, marks the unofficial start of the 20024 Presidential Campaign, which will make this the longest campaign in modern day history. The rematch between President Joe Biden (D) and Donald J Trump (R) is all but assured unless there is some court proceeding to make Trump ineligible to run, which is highly unlikely. With the US Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the stay on Trump’s inclusion on the Colorado Primary ballot, leads us to believe the court doesn’t intend on playing an active role in undermining Trump’s election opportunity. This despite the reality of the court doing just that in the George W. Bush v. Albert Gore Jr election in 2000.

One clear point we drew from Biden’s speech is he positing the election on an important line of questions for Republicans who are now wedded to Trump. Are you Valdimir Putin sympathizer or are you a Defender of Democracy? The events of January 6, 2021 are still a vivid part of our collective memory, despite attempts to whitewash it away or diminish its importance and Trump’s role in bringing it about. Additionally, this makes support for Ukraine a paramount measure by which support for democracy worldwide is defined.

The Friday night and Sunday morning talk shows were all a buzz with the largely universal believe the Biden prevailed over expectations and delivered a highly politicized report on the state of the union. During which he highlighted the various ways his administration has taken corrective action post-Pandemic to improve the economy, but the nagging hangover of inflation, is causing the electorate to question the improvements. The costs of food prices, rent and interest rates are a few of the aspects that undermine many feelings among the populace of America headed in the right direction. This is also marked by the nostalgic pre-pandemic time of Trump. We will not stand idly by and become complacent and allow the Times of Trump to become revisionist history.

The Biden Administration has done the work and preformed the heavy-lift but because public sentiment is based on how people feel at certain times and until inflation is brought to bear any approval is credit for an improving economy is still pending, in spite of most economic indicators heading in the right direction. Once the pocketbook issues become resolved and people see direct signs of improvement they are willing to recognize it will be a wait and see situation.

It will be interesting to see how moderate and suburban voters, which will decide this election, accept or recoil from the Republican Party, which is now clearly the Trumplican Party.