Minnesota Report

Yesterday, we received the following press release from Governor Tim Walz’ (DFL-MN) office. Upon viewing the House Legislative Session, later in the day we learned House Speaker Melissa Hortman (DFL-36B, Brooklyn Park) was working remotely.

Governor Tim Walz, House Speaker Melissa Hortman, and Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller today announced a broad framework for the end of the legislative session that includes $4 billion to invest in education, public safety, and health care, and $4 billion for a tax bill to provide financial relief for Minnesotans.

 “I ran for Governor to ensure that every student in every classroom across Minnesota receives an education that will set them up for success. As a former classroom teacher, I know that these historic investments are how we get there,” said Governor Walz. “With an unprecedented surplus, we have the ability to make significant investments in the things that will improve Minnesotans’ lives, like health care, public safety, and education, while also providing tax cuts and putting money in Minnesotans’ pockets.” 

“Getting money back to the people has been a top priority for Republicans this session and I’m very happy we were able to accomplish this with permanent ongoing tax relief for hardworking Minnesotans, families, and seniors,” Senate Majority Leader Miller said. “In addition to giving money back, this bipartisan agreement delivers targeted investments in public safety, education, nursing homes, and core infrastructure projects. Finally, leaving money on the bottom line is the fiscally responsible thing to do, especially as the economy appears to be slowing down.” 

“House DFLers have been working all session to reduce costs for families, support workers, and improve public safety,” said Speaker Hortman. “We have reached a bipartisan agreement on a budget framework that makes strong investments in families’ economic security, education, health care, and public safety to address the challenges Minnesotans are facing. These investments are in addition to the budget we passed last year and the frontline worker bonuses that we got across the finish line last month. This is a positive step forward, but there is a lot more work ahead of us in this final week of the legislative session.”

The plan includes $1 billion for education, $1 billion for health care and human services, $450 million for public safety, $1.5 billion in additional investments, and $1.4 billion in capital investment projects. $4 billion will be put toward a tax bill, leaving $4 billion on the bottom line to help the state manage future economic uncertainty. Details will be finalized in the days to come. 

 During the day, capitol observers were skeptical if this “agreement” would bring thte session to a comfortable close of be the reason things fall apart. The odds on a Special Session are even money.