Minnesota Report

Governor Tim Walz (DFL-MN) proposal to allot $700.000 million and provide to single tax-filers under $164,000, $175 and joint filers $350 is receiving a traditional response from Republicans, who are calling it a gimmick and in turn calling for permanent tax cuts, just like a doctor testing your reflexes, a knee-jerk reaction. We have heard addition responses to dub these as “Timmy Checks,” or better yet “Tiny Tim Checks.”

Seems like the play here is Walz promises Christmas goodies and if the Republicans want to oppose it they will be the ones who take it away.

One feature of the Governor’s approach seems to be vested in the idea, the Walz is looking out for Greater Minnesota and not just the Metropolitan area. If he can generate a feel through, broadband Internet and assistance for farmers along with replenishment of the Unemployment Insurance, to prevent any needs for tax increases, he helps normalize the system.

This election will be based largely on the status of the pandemic at the time of the November vote, because Walz will always have the argument with his opponents, “What would you have done better?”

Is that less vaccinations, Dr Scott Jensen? Is it spreading more sickness with no mask coverage Sen Paul Gazelka? Or would it be challenging his use of Executive Orders to speak with one voice as we faced uncertainty?

With Walz, as a candidate, someone as a football coach, who has known you need a varied defense to stop your opponent and a dynamic offense to put points on the board, and a $7.7 billion surplus is pretty high point total, which we expect to surpass $8 billion in the February Revenue Forecast.

In fact, if the Walz ignores his potential challengers until ta Republican nominee is selected, and both Sen challengers, Gazelka and Michelle Benson (R-31, Ham Lake), by not having a leadership position would need to seek permission for facetime with reporters, because of their candidacies, from Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller (R-28, Winona) who will want to show who is in-charge of the Republican Caucus.