National Report

Donald J Trump and first lady Melania, have both contracted COVID-19/Corona virus. They are now quarantined and in isolation. Yesterday morning, news reports starting with Bloomberg, confirmed Presidential advisor Hope Hicks, who had been on Air Force One and Marine One and traveled to Minnesota with the President without wearing a mask had tested positive for the virus. She had also been with Trump during debate preparation and present at the debate on Tuesday again seen not wearing a mask.

Yesterday, afternoon, Trump traveled to New Jersey for an indoor fundraiser with a reduced staff and now questions are being raised whether or not he knowingly exposed people to the disease. It will be important to see whom in the orbit of people around him now test positive, and through contact tracing how many of those quarantine. This has the potential of idling the entire White House, in which it is know the wearing of masks was frowned upon. The circle of exposure may include Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). This might impact all Republican contacts.

As an older, obese man without good health, despite contrary claims, Trump is in an increased risk category and questions are being raised who has been he exposed and when he learned of Hicks positive test. We will see if as he claims this is a disease without much impact.

Stock markets around the world are down and affected by the news and this is an even stranger twist to 2020 and to many, show poetic justice with 32 days left until the November 3rd election. We expect it will call a halt to the remaining Presidential debates and may affect the Vice-Presidential debate depending on Vice-President Mike Pence’s (R) recent exposure to Trump.

Because former Vice-President Joe Biden (D) didn’t wear a mask at Tuesday’s debate at the amount of shouting by Trump and his volume of talking and interrupting, the entire stage may have been a rife with the COVID.

We expect, all will take precautions and self-quarantine, but because Trump lies, we doubt anyone is safe and all should take extra steps necessary to protect others. One point is indisputable, Donald J Trump is a carrier.