Minnesota Report

Now, everyone likes to get out of the cold in the winter, but is this really even winter? The idea of getting on a warm train or bus is always sought, but not to smoke your shit. To us its clear, the Fentanyl problem in the urban setting case be addressed best through–now you wouldn’t think so, it is through Metro Transit can best address its urban Fentanyl problem directly.

Every day, you can see them, it’s the Fentanyl Zombies, who are congregating at the Blue Line stop on 46th Street in Minneapolis, and of course they are weaning themselves out at the Lake Street stop, one because there is security, but security has no law enforcement authority so its feckless like nipples on a boar. In St Paul, it’s even worse. the Fentanyl Zombies are more adapted. Its like the slow versus the fast zombies in horror film. They congregate smoke up and to share information on the best stores to steal from and how to do it.

Some seem functional and lucid, but others are leaning over like their sitting upright in a fetal position and rocking back and forth. They can easily be found and since they are there law enforcement should do their jobs and arrest them. The substance is illicit and the consumer is an addict who needs to have the shock of incarceration and then treatment forced upon them. They are unproductive in our society and a threat to the entire ecosystem.

We have asked this question and clearly told Metro Transit Commissioner Charlie Zelle the following before by asking, “Why hasn’t Metro Transit put all their people in plain clothes and wipeout this problem?” They have law enforcement abilities and honestly, in the last week, we haven’t seen a single, make that zero Metro Transit cops in St Paul over the course of six days. Where are they? We did hear one directed by a Metro Transit train operator pointing the cops to the middle car because he told them the guy holding the door was in a black jacket.

The lack of St Paul support is not surprising because we understand in a recent meeting Met Transit Police Chief Ernest Morales III effectively said so. Since we weren’t there, we were told Morales said, because of the shortage in force the Blue line in Minneapolis was the priority not the Green line in Saint Paul.

Now, since we know hunting techniques, these are like shooting fish in a barrel, why because they gather together to share a smoke of poison. They are the underbelly of our society and if not address aggressively they are the next lost generation. It is a tapestry of people, Somalis, Whites, other Blacks, Asians, and mixed races. This need direct attention and we have given you the direction. So, Chief Morales get off your ass and do as you are TOWLED.