Minnesota Report

For the third Monday in a row, we are calling attention to the number of bills introductions in each body, and which members are leading. This is a process and the number are merely a snapshot, because the totals will continue to change.

Our investigation has determined, that Republican incumbents started the session will a bevy of bills, because they just refiled all of their legislation from the previous session. This is implemented by just a simple request from the Revisor’s Office. This coupled with the single subject for projects to be considered for bonding, is a significant factor in volume of bill introductions

The new running totals are: 1959 House bills and 2024 Senate bills. The most prolific bill authors in the Senate remain the same and they are Sens Eric Lucero (R-30, St Michael) remains at the head of the pack with 73,  Mary Kunesh (DFL-39, New Brighton) vaults into 2nd with 71, and Rich Draheim (R-22, Madison Lake) falls to 3rd with 67.

In the House, the names and positions are the same, with a few more pieces of legislation added to the mix. In the House, Reps Duane Quam (R-24A, Bryon) with continues to lead with 59, Rick Hansen (DFL-53B, South St Paul) with 37, and now Sandra Feist (DFL-39B, New Brighton) garners the 3rd spot with 35. Reps Dave Lislegard (DFL-07B, Aurora) and Walter Hudson (R-30A, Albertville) are sittings right behind with 34 bill introductions.