National Report

Now that both political conventions have ended, we have two competing scenarios to reflect upon. Donald J Trump (R) poses a Doom & Gloom scenario of a Vice-President Joe Biden (D) Presidency. Trump attempted to invoke a Camelot moment on the White House South Lawn, setting himself as a savior, but the problem is he is far more Mordred than he is Arthur. As he flouts as all traditions and practices such as not using the White House for partisan activity it is as if he is trying to soil the place before the next occupant arrives.

On the other hand, Biden portrayal of this election as a fight between the Dark and the Light, or better yet, a clear homage to Good versus Evil. This biblical theme well embodied in the Star Wars saga.

In the pitched battle, yet to come, these two divergent views will be set to play out before our eyes. Trump will continue with his distortion of the facts, abject lies and revisionist history. While Biden will seek to restore the dignity and decorum of the institution of the Presidency, and scour the scourge left by Trump and his kind.