National Report

As Donald J Trump’s (R) second impeachment trial is set to get underway, we reflect back on the rhetoric he espoused in 2016, which was based on the premise of “If We Lose,” in which he had an excuse delivered prior to the announcement of the election results and questioning the legitimacy of the process. Fast forward to 2020, where he had the same “If We Lose,” rhetoric, except this time it was followed by, “They Stole It From Us.” His actions were premeditated.

The most damning point of this trial will be the set-up, while trying not to be perceived as a loser, Trump constantly banged the drum, calling his followers to gather and share the same thought, he stoked the flames long before January 6, 2021, when he called them to gather. Now, interesting enough, we learn a numbered of those who showed up to call in question the election results didn’t even bother to vote.

Well, one thing is clear those who are convicted of Insurrection and Sedition will never be voting again. Now, Trump becomes that which he most fears, a LOSER.