Minnesota Report

While watching the tally board on SF3372, a bill inspired by Sen David Tomassoni (I-06, Chisholm), to fund ALS research, commonly known as Lou Gherig Disease, and economic support for families yesterday on the House Floor, we were perplexed when we saw the nine red votes marring the board, we question the motivations of Reps Cal Bahr (NR-31B, East Bethel), Jaimie Becker Finn (DFL-42B, Roseville), Steve Drazkowski (NR-21B, Maseppa), Heather Keeler (DFL-04A, Moorhead) Tina Liebling (DFL-26A, Rochester), Eric Lucero (R-30B, St Michael), Tim Miller (NR-17A, Prinsburg), Erik Mortenson (R55A, Shakopee), and Jeremy Munson (R-23B, Lake Crystal).

We understand Republican Conservatives are abhorrent to spending government money, because it largely is accumulated through taxation. We also, understand that taxation also provides a means and a mechanism for our society to take collective action. But why did the DFLer’s vote as such?

It’s a head scratcher.