Minnesota Report

Jim DeMay will be watching election returns tomorrow night and watching for his own name in the tabulation. The Pfizer Lobbyist is a candidate for School Board in ISD #621 in the communities of Moundsview and North Oaks.

DeMay is a known Democrat having run the Clinton/Gore Campaign here in 1992, and in Ohio in 1996 and Gore/Lieberman in Pennsylvania 2000 and then Kerry/Edwards in Ohio in 2004.

If all indications are good, he should pick-up support from both sides of the aisle, because he Is a corporate lobbyist, but prides himself as a straight shooter, who will tell you how it is. Because he is not an incumbent, he avoids the hit being applied to the three incumbents who are running for reelection Heidi Danielson, Sandra Westerman and Jonathan Weinhagen, who are accused of putting a levy referendum on an off-year ballot at the last minute.

If sign locations are any indicator, he has scored some solid placements and a number of those are at Republican households.