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One issue Checks & Balances played a pivotal role in was the legislation entitled “A Safe Place for Newborns”. As the legislation, met with fits and starts in the final instance what we said we thought was logical and worthwhile was what the compromise became.

Back in the 2000 legislative session, Jesse Ventura (RP) was governor, the House controlled by Republicans, and the Senate by the DFL. In this divided government, it generally became a reality if two sides could coalesce then they generally carried the day.

When we were reading through some of the new bills this session we saw HF3873/SF4131 described as A Safe Place for Newborns provisions modifications authored by Rep Paul Novotny (R-30B, Elk River) and Sen John Hoffman.(DFL-34, Champlin).

We thought since the authorship was from those of opposite parties the items we wrote when the legislation was forming might help to inform the lawmakers as they consider whatever provisions that now require modifications.

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