Minnesota Report

With the normal tenacious nature of our publisher Shawn Towle calling for the State Five-Judge Panel to release all information presented to the court and prevent any type of Ex Partee communication from occurring, the website now has the oral arguments from December 4,2022, and the slide presentations from each of the plaintiffs available in the links of each submission at the end. They completed the upload shortly after 10:00 pm on Friday.

Now, the public comments submitted by October 29, 2021 and other plans submitted by November 30, 2021 must be requested. For the sake of full disclosure, we did submit our own set of suggestions. They mainly entailed a sharp criticism of the “Least Change” concept, an incorporation of “Competitiveness” in suburb and exurban districts and a recognition of the political relevance of the suburban and exurban zone as a unique region not a part of the urban and Greater Minnesota bipolarity.