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The use of social media and technology, could be used to spy on women in anti-choice states. There are now even greater reasons for privacy laws at the state level, and customers should be arguing for these protections in their End User Legal Agreements (EULA). People need to be wary of unencrypted emails, period (time of the Mont) apps, location services, enforceable privacy protections.

It’s sad to see the US Supreme Court take an action to make all women second-class citizen, returning women to chattel status. This reduction of rights for women, codifies the fact we now have a more paternalistic society.

Are the anti-states going to start requiring pregnancy tests before a woman boards a plane? It’s hard to believe that real-life is stranger than the fiction Margaret Atwood wrote about in the Handmaids Tale.

Will the US Supreme Court Decisions Help Hurt Political Parties?

The 2020 election will show which political party will derive the largest political benefit. Pro-choice states are starting to pass laws and Governor’s are putting out Executive Orders to make travel into their states for abortion services easier. Different groups are raising money to help finance travel for women in need of assistance.

The political power of pro-choice candidates will need tot grow and more women candidates need to run for office to eliminate the paternalism that is so rampant.