National and Minnesota Report

The crux of the debate is the result and whether of not, your person won. This is not democracy, it’s a foregone conclusion and a foist of one perspective on a voting population. On Friday, New York Times Columnist David Brooks said on the PBS Newshour defined the issue as “Casting Votes, Counting Votes and Certifying Votes”. But, it isn’t all that simple.

The problem with the casting of votes on the Right, from the Republican perspective, is still who casts votes. The Left seeks to expand the franchise to felons, non-citizens and create an ease in the system that enables an easy access to the ballot for all who want to vote. This is a serious affront to the Right, because this is not their electoral base.

Additionally, because of the pandemic, the rules for voting, especially with Absentee Ballots was eased and the chain of ballot custody became less clear, terms like ballot harvesting and lack of assurances the ballots were cast by the eligible voter became a boogeyman for voter fraud.

Then the counting of votes, what constitutes a legitimate vote became a question. The viewing of the process by self-anointed ballot observers who at every turn, contested votes in areas heavily-weighted with minority voters became a strategy that the Donald J Trump (R) pursued and lost at every turn in court challenges.

Finally, the certifying of votes is where the Insurrection manifested, because of the erosion in the confidence in the system partly, but mainly because their guy didn’t win, the attack on the US Election to “Stop the Steal” ensued.

These factors are all in play and the actions by President Joe Biden (D) by executive order, to stop implementation of any voting laws changes in any state legislature in the country that institutes voter suppression laws is paramount, unless the Democrats can agree in the US Senate and all stand together to protect democracy, it will be left to one man to do so.

As an aside, we find it interesting to see, the number of deaths in American due to the COVID Pandemic, might be a factor in electoral politics. With 836,000 people already having succumbed to this disease and they being largely unvaccinated, they are also likely to be Trump voters. In Florida, the death total is 62,688 and Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) margin of victory was only 32,468. We expect the bulk of the deaths were also largely from the unvaccinated.