National and Minnesota Report

At the same moment Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lies in state as the first woman, and first Jewish woman, to do so we contemplate what brought us to this situation. While generations of women commonly combine their affection for this icon, they also revile the fact she will be replaced by Donald J Trump (R). This underlies the fact known from the 2016 election, a majority of educated women voted for Trump, and this responsibility for where we are, lies squarely on their shoulders.

As younger women show their appreciation for the Notorious RBG, someone must question why they lacked the same sentiments for the first woman President in Hillary Clinton (D) because if they had only toed the line for a first of their gender and let every other objection be set aside, we would not be in this current situation. The oneness is applied and all of the efforts for US Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as a firebrand interloper into the Democratic nomination process squandered the opportunity, which was visible then of the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice to replace the staunch arch-conservative Antonin Scalia was in full visibility and would have solidified a 5-4 liberal majority.

As people mourn the loss of RBG today, they must also take responsibility for the aftermath of their misguided decisions and remember one Clinton appointed Ginsburg and another would have ensured her sentiments on the bench for the next 30 years.