Minnesota Report

Prior to the start of the stay at home order, Checks & Balances Publisher Shawn Towle was set to have a face-to-face meeting, which became a conference call and then a cancellation with MN Housing and Finance Commissioner Jennifer Leimaile Ho.The subject being information about Contained Solutions a non-profit created to assist homeless and at-risk veterans in a novel approach through home ownership of a fourplex, Now, many may not know, every honorably discharged veteran is entitled to a VA Home Loan Mortgage Guarantee, if they have an Certificate of Eligibility, which they receive upon discharge, qualify by credit score and have the means to pay the mortgage based on income. Now it’s clear a person who is homeless, or even at-risk is not likely to be able to meet the last two criteria.

Now, since these people have served and their current plight is a moral blight on our nation, we believe the situation can be better resolved by getting a person into a place they own and providing them with an income stream and fixing in large part many of the problems they face. The VA allows for mortgages of owner occupied dwellings up to a fourplex, and this means the income stream from three working units should well be able to pay for the mortgage and provide the veteran with a stable place to reside and make money in the process. This idea seems like one that should be a part of any Bonding Bill, or could be financed through State Appropriations Bonds. This is a type of pilot project that could work well because it only requires one-time money to start and afterward it is self-sustaining, rather than requiring recurring funding for veterans in apartment housing that only goes to fill the pockets of poverty pimps.

To this end, the wait continues to hear back from MHFA Commissioner, which is not a surprise, but while many people have time on their hands planning could be taking place to prepare for new housing to be built and opportunities to house some of the 258 people currently on the MN Veterans Homelessness Registry could be facing a better life before the snow flies. If those concerned with this issue turn their attention in this direction, new housing could be going up on the Eastside of St Paul as soon as people are allowed to get back to work

If you are interested in assisting in this endeavor, follow the link above and prove you value those who have served.