As Election Day in St Paul commences and the Capitol City has the largest number of candidates on the ballot, we wanted to once again weigh-in with our utter disdain for the and opposition to the Ranked Choice Voting Process. This campaign is a hard slough because [eople have had the wool pulled over their eyes and misguidedly believe having a wide range of choices is a better system than selecting from a field of two candidates. Well, we will argue if there were only two choices in 2016, thenĀ Hillary Clinton would be President and our nation would be going through its current throes of a Constitutional Crisis.

Last week, a publication in New York came forward to make a similar statement that we have made repeatedly. In the Queens Daily Eagle, the following article appeared on November 1, 209. Ranked choice voting would fail immigrants and communities of color. There is a misguided viewpoint being circulated in communities of color that this system works for them, while it clearly does not. In our interview with Ward 6 candidate Terri Thao (DFL), which we ran yesterday, she made this very statement and wanted to see information to contrary, well here it is.

We will be watching the results and pointing out things that will occur. There will be a large number of voters who vote for a single candidate, but because that candidate is not one of the last two their vote will not be part of the final result. It will be label as Unassigned, meaning its as good as not having voted at all. Additionally, there may be people who fail to understand the process and vote for the same candidate multiple times, not understanding as long as their candidate remains viable their vote is going to that person.

All and all, we will have a new City Councilor in Ward 6, unless Kassim BussariĀ (DFL) retains the seat. Hopefully, other interesting occurrences transpire across the city.