Minnesota Report

Webster’s defines ignorance as a lack of knowledge, understanding, or education. In politics, all are part of the process and each are achieved over the course of time.

Those who argue for a big tent in the Democratic Party may be doing so for a nefarious purpose and to teardown not build up. Many are often political neophytes, who are using the term Democratic Socialist not as an inclusionary word but actually as a separatist identifying moniker. Because the term Progressive is not distinctive enough, this group now has a way to advance their own political identity. It is an immature political tactic.

Its not enough for incoming Minneapolis City Councilor Jason Chavez (DSA) to identify as a gay, child of immigrants who may or may not have been documented, but rather as a Democratic Socialist. Again, bubye. By self-selection, he is not a DFLer, a Democratic and should not be allowed to caucus as one or have the advantages of being one and the campaign again him, Aisha Chughta and Robin Wonsley Worlobah should already be underway, because of Redistricting the Minneapolis City Council is forced to rerun for the new wards in 2022..

These three should have their historical footnote or rather political epitaphs written for the Three Amigas and hey be retired as quickly as possible.

When Chavez publicly announces his intent to pursue a voting system in the state’s largest community allowing undocumented immigrants the right to vote, he brings down the viability of DFL candidates across the state, through guilt by association. All DFLers candidates should distance themselves from this cohort as quickly as possible.