Minnesota Report

On Tuesday, while watching the IA Caucus coverage were surprised to see a number of commercials run by Congresswoman Betty McCollum (DFL-MN04) Chair of the Interior-Environment Subcommittee of Appropriations. The ads were in the tradition of her successor Congressman Bruce Vento (D-MN) in support of National Wild Scenic Waterways and the BWCA and show her walking trails and viewing a scenic riverside. McCollum Ad

We know McCollum like Vento and former Congressman Don Fraser (D-MN) when a Representative from the Twin Cities takes a position on protections of the BWCA from sulfide mining an Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement it causes issues within certain segments of the Organized Labor in this case the Laborers and the Operating Engineers. The Laborer’s Union Hall is located in McCollum’s Congressional District.

What surprised us was the fact she was running a commercial on a national cable news segment during one of the significant political events. Granted, it wasn’t a national ad, just one seen in this market on local cable channels, which are far lower costs. Does this mean she is facing a significant challenge in this election? We doubt it, but she does have an opponent David Sandbeck (DFL-MN) who also has drawn some attention to his advertising effort. Last year, the City Pages ran a story about him advertising on Pornhub, a pornography website, which we wonder how the writer Hannah Jones learned about his placement. Yup, that’s Minnesota congressional candidate David Sandbeck’s ad on PornHub 

Does this mean viewing this pron site is now political research? We doubt McCollum will challenge Sandbeck in this advertising space.