Minnesota Report

In the 1980s, the Fridley plant President Joe Biden (D) will visit was called Cummings Diesel, but now it is called Cummings Power Generation Facility. Soon after Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act, Cummings announced it would commence manufacturing electrolyzers for the first time in the United States, as per a White House statement. An electrolyzer helps to produce clean hydrogen, which is essential to the reduction of emissions in certain sectors of our economy and plays a critical role in improving cleaner energy supply chains that previously are produced overseas.

The advance White House statement said the president’s Monday visit will highlight how the administration’s legislative efforts build a cleaner energy economy, by rebuilding the country’s infrastructure and bringing back domestic supply chains.

As Biden highlights a local company that is moving forward with a more future-forward approach, a new product line, and a strategic mindset, Cummings sets a new path.

Remembering that industry is the mother of invention, our state leads once again.