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Well, its June 1st, and yesterday was the last day to file for office in 2022, and the significance is now, no one can file against an incumbent and they are free to make decisions which will impact the state, openly and honestly. Yes, the is an election in November, but only a small number of members will face a party challenge, many are retiring and voting with a clear conscience is now an easier option.

Governor Tim Walz (DFL-MN) should call the legislature back now, by making a clear and declarative sentence, “Get Back to St Paul and Do Your Job.” On Monday, we had a number of tornadoes cross our state and leave wreckage and scarred communities. Now disaster relief is a necessary lift. The legislative session which ends did not produce what is named for a Bonding Bill.

If the adage is to fix the roof when the sun is shining, then in light of the state’s historical largest budget surplus of $9,253 billion, granted $2.7 billion has already been spent, but the bottom line is if the Senate Republicans want to be fiscal hawks, then spend $2 billion on a Bonding Bill, have no fiscal tails and as our economy continues to outperform the national economy, and we bring in $1.1 million a month in revenue, that is until a tax cut it imposed, it means the cost of a Bonding Bill will have been meet by the end of the 2023-24 fiscal year.

This is financial stewardship.

Yes, the are a number of unmet needs and many good and admirable causes, but this Supplemental Budget must be balanced and thoughtful.

Long-term consideration should be paramount. Our schools have suffered significantly due to the COVID Pandemic, Assisted Living facilities and congregated care have experienced dramatic losses because of a changing workforce, and affordable housing especially, for our Veterans is still an issue that plagues us.

Now, that the Primary Field is set, call them back, get to work and make Minnesota the best it can be.

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