Minnesota Report

When Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka (R-09 Nisswa) adjourned Sine Die on Friday, we said he did so because the DFL overreached and asked for too much in their proposals for police accountability, which leaves the matter unresolved. The pressures being applied to the Republican leader not ones felt within the confines of his caucus in fact just the opposite.

Yesterday, his office announced a senate oversight committee to hear testimony for determination and accountability for a recent marked increase in crime, including rioting, destruction of private business, and destruction city and state properties. This squares with Gazelka’s concern shared at the beginning of the session regarding increased acts of violence on the light rail system and increased fears expressed by his constituents when coming to the cities to attend sporting events.

If we will see a law and order agenda from the Senate GOP during the summer in Special Sessions, it is not hard to see that will be their agenda for the campaign as well.