National and Minnesota Report

The rights found in the 14th Amendment grow more, important in our minds every time it is invoked. We have argued repeatedly, the use of Ranked Choice Voting is a violation of bother the Equal Protection and the Due Process Clause, and now that the Biden Administration is looking at invoking it to prevent the United States from a catastrophic default on its obligations by not lifting the Debt Ceiling.

The 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution states that “the validity of the public debt of the United States…shall not be questioned. For people who consider themselves to be “Constructionists” i.e., Republicans, and sycophants of deceased Justice Antonin Scalia. Historically, the original reason for a debt ceiling was to afford the President and the Treasury to have more flexibility not less. It came about in World War I, Congress changed the authorized method for debt in the Second Liberty Bond Act of 1917.[6] Under this Act, Congress established an aggregate limit, or “ceiling,” on the total amount of new bond issuance.

The current debt ceiling is a limited aggregate amount and is applied to virtually all federal debt, which was principally established by the Public Debt Acts[7][8] of 1939 and 1941 which in turn have been amended to change the amount of the ceiling.

Pure and simple, yes, the size of the National Debt is set by Congress, but it is to be established for the Executive Branch to be able to operate as it sees fit. If the House Republicans fail to do so then they are derelict in their duty.