Minnesota Report

Sen Jerry Newton (DFL-37, Coon Rapids) a retired US Army Sergeant Major was first elected to the House in a Special Election in 2009, lost reelection in 2010, only to comeback in 2013. He then successfully ran for the Senate in 2016 and announced his retirement earlier this session. It appears, times change easily after new redistricting lines are drawn, because he now wants to return to his body of origination, and as he says, to a majority party, in District 35B, which to us, could be a district created jut for him, 35B.

Newton is making play not seen often here in our state because we lack term limits, which in other state lacking lifetime limits, some members bounce between chambers, he actually isn’t the first nor is he the first one with the name Newton to do so.

In 1878, Sen James Newton Stacy a first-term Senator was elected to the House and served a single term in that body. So, this Newton is making a non-traditional bid to shuck the powdered wig as some might say, and return to a body, which if its holds DFL Majority, right into a chairmanship.