National Report

When Donald J Trump (R) won the Electoral College Vote 304 to 227, we stated our nation was going to become Bizarro World, a Superman reference, where everything is opposite of what it is in reality. Just as a “Reality TV Show” isn’t reality at all it’s a situational event that is edited for television. If you watched the RNC last night it was large dosages of both.

Not only, did they speakers project a world without COVID-19, but a return to a better economy. While Rome burns, and Nero fiddles, we are left with the shambles. Now, with a Category 3/4 Hurricane Laura set to pummel Texas and Louisiana, following a similar path of Katrina, and the wildfires in California, the question is what will Trump do or say to give comfort for those decimated this time. Yes, these same people who will now lose even more after a pandemic and significant job loss. Granted, California in not a Trump State. Why doesn’t anyone make an Old Testament Biblical reference to the onset of plagues as a God’s response to a cruel dictator, who in this instance is not Pharaoh, but rather Trump.

When the claim by Larry Kudlow of Trump producing more jobs than during the President Barack Obama Administration, one can only stare at the TV and say, “What!” Sorry, but this is a basic math question and there aren’t any imaginary numbers in the formula. When Secretary of State Mike Pompeo violated his own rules, which he signed in 2019, and established traditions of foreign policy leaders staying out of the campaign sphere and giving a speech from Israel, along with first lade Melania Trump giving an address from the White House Rose Garden, it it all is a farce.

The statements made from each and every speaker were misstatements, overly rosy scenarios, false claims, misrepresentations and outright lies. The Trump Party is an example of a wholesale takeover of the GOP, which doesn’t even have the wherewithal to offer up a platform to define what it stands for, just defer to the Presidential Candidate. This is not a party it’s a cult and the political effort is merely a promotion of said cult. The Cult of Personality Party or CoP Party is made up of sycophants and bootlickers fawning over the “Fearless (Fearful) Leader”.

As has been stated numerous times, you can’t make this shit up, no one would believe you. We believe if the writers of the House of Cards had advanced a script of this nature to their producers, they would have either been laughed out of the office or fired.

This surreal exercise in an alternative universe is hopefully set to come to an end come November 3rd. Hopefully, our nation will have woken from its daily dosage of Soma, Brave New World reference, and clear its drug addled mind.

As the streets of Kenosha, WI, now burn as the streets of Minneapolis/St Paul did three months ago, will the fear factor play larger than the ominous presence in the White House.

As Trump continues to rail against the Mail-In-Ballot system except in states which supported him in the last election, we have one mechanism of power threatened, and people will go out of their way to make sure their vote counts this time. When Trump is dethroned and tried over the course of the next four years, maybe then he will be defanged enough to not run for President in 2024, but stay tuned this nightmare isn’t over. There must be a sequel.

Remember there is only one President who served in non-consecutive terms, Grover Cleveland (1885–1889 and 1893–1897).