National Report

We have always appreciated a double entendre (double intender) approach. This is the beauty of puns, but the problem is when spelled out a pun loses it’s punch. This morning when hearing the released moments from the epic President Joe Biden Reelection Campaign fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall, we can see the emerging campaign strategy.

It’s a boxing approach, the one, two punch. First, hit’em low then hit’em high. Punch’em in the gut to get’em to drop their hands and then hit’em in the jaw for hopefully the knockout punch.

When Biden said, “All the things he’s doing are a little old, their so old and out of shape.” and in the meeting in the Oval Office, before the swearing in, he told Trump, “I’ll give you three strokes, if you would carry your own bag.”

Unlike as Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high” as Biden, seems to got low mocking Donald J Trump’s weight he shift’s his attention, and makes him defensive about being fat. It’s also clear, Biden is not concerned about weight shaming Trump. Then Biden wallops him with the economic facts, targeting his head, which isn’t all that bright and unprotected.

The people would truly enjoy seeing the scrappy, Fighting Joe Biden and him throwing off the gloves and mixing it up or better yet, challenging Trump to a Cage Match. This would appeal to Trump Voters who likely watch WWE Wrestling and Trump might even bite because of his WWF days.

Let’s start the chant BIDEN Boma Ye!